Interview: Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)



Simply put, how did you begin your career in the game industry?

I posted some of my music on a forum, and someone who worked at a software company asked me if I’d be interested to write music for some cell phone games. I said yes and the rest was history!

Where did/do you draw your inspiration for your music from?

Everywhere and everything. Nature. Technology. People. Lately I’ve been listening to every single piece of music I’ve ever been given that I never listened to before. There’s enough music to last us forever. I love working in predefined constraints.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything.

What type of games do you like to play personally?

Hockey games are my favorite.

Are there any game moments that really resonate with you to this day?

The entire experience of playing Journey.

What are the best parts about your career? (What do you like doing the most?)

Having the freedom to explore new avenues. Creating interactive music systems; putting music into games by hand, compiling and testing, rinse and repeat.

How important has networking been for your work? Tips for those who are new to networking?

“Networking” is for chumps. Be yourself and associate with people that you like. Be friendly and make friends. Don’t force it. Friends look out for each other and help each other out. That’s how the world works. Make yourself as publicly available as possible (go to events where you can meet people, have a strong internet presence, etc.), but try not to come on too strong when you interact with others.

Be yourself and associate with people you like.

To be as well received as possible, what qualities should people have when stepping into the professional world?

Don’t worry about being well received. Just be yourself and aspire to be the highest expression of who you truly are. If you try to put yourself in someone else’s mold you’ll just make yourself unhappy. That being said, it’s important for people to know who you are and what you’re about. Don’t be overbearing but don’t be shy either! I’m not saying you have to walk up to strangers whenever you go out, but don’t be afraid to share or talk about your work with others when appropriate. We all want to know what others are about and what we can offer each other.

Don’t worry about being well received. Just be yourself…

If someone was looking for advice on how to start chasing their dream jobs and you were constrained to one sentence, what would you tell them?

Stop looking for advice and start making your own mistakes.

Featured image by Nika States

Author: Darkrast


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