The Dpad Press Show – Episode 4: Games We Go Back To

In this episode we take a trip backwards to nostalgia land and remember how we came into gaming, and what games stood out enough to be a permanent part of our lives. Games like Tetris, Roller Coaster Tycoon, early Blizzard titles, and Pokemon.

The Dpad Press Show – Episode 2: Pokemon Deserves Better

Pokemon is coming to Switch, and I (Jake) am nervous about what it will be. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the Game Freak Pokemon titles, and I’m worried that the game won’t be properly adapted into the new era. Nate offers some great insight with his Zelda comparisons and we all agreed that if Pokemon could leap forward like Breath of the Wild did, the fans would be happy. I’m not predicting that to happen, however.

Oh, and it’s not cool to hit your friends in the nuts.

The Dpad Press Show – Episode 1 – Do Trophievements Matter?

Welcome to episode one of The Dpad Press Show! A thought-provoking video game talk show released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On it, three friends bring a topic to the table and discuss it until the mana runs dry. We all have different, personal experiences within the gaming industry that have translated into an intimate, funny, and often times divisive relationship with each other. Watch out for Gamebraham, he’ll be creating the divide.

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Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)



How did you begin working in the game industry?

I began working in the games industry whilst I was at university. My teacher developed a relationship with a local iOS developer and managed to convince them to allow a student to do the sound design and music for the game which they were working on. We were all given the chance to audition for it and we had to write a demo along with a cover letter of why we felt suitable for the role. Luckily for me, I was chosen and got my first credit on a published release in my second year of uni. Continue reading “Interview: David Housden (Thomas Was Alone)”

Interview With Cade Peterson: Tips On Getting Into The Game Industry

Many people are becoming enthralled in whatever games they are playing. It would seem that there is a game out there for every type of person in today’s time, and if that statement isn’t true, than it soon will be. The industry is booming because games are applicable to so many different mind-sets and can influence people in unique and innovative ways. The Nintendo Wii is proof of the expansion of audience relating to games. My grandmother has even considered buying a console so that she can enjoy the game time with grandkids as they come over.

Continue reading “Interview With Cade Peterson: Tips On Getting Into The Game Industry”

Interview: Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)



Simply put, how did you begin your career in the game industry?

I posted some of my music on a forum, and someone who worked at a software company asked me if I’d be interested to write music for some cell phone games. I said yes and the rest was history! Continue reading “Interview: Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland)”