The Dpad Press Show Episode 15: Microsoft is Both Smart and Dumb

In this episode we discuss Microsoft’s ideas and how they weave into the bigger picture of gaming.


The Dpad Press Show Episode 9: We Wish We Could Go Back

Nate talking about The Last of Us: “Every minute of that game stuck with me. There’s not one part of that game I don’t remember vividly.”

Acquiring muscle memory in some games is a huge part of the nostalgia says Jake.

Knowing that certain games are special, Levi does a media blackout before those releases as to not spoil any of the experience.

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The Dpad Press Show Episode 6 : Beware the Microtransaction

Nate has concerns regarding microtransactions in the new era of console gaming. Middle Earth: Shadow of War serves as an example as we all discuss the pro’s and con’s of the new ways games are grabbing our money.
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The Dpad Press Show – Episode 4: Games We Go Back To

In this episode we take a trip backwards to nostalgia land and remember how we came into gaming, and what games stood out enough to be a permanent part of our lives. Games like Tetris, Roller Coaster Tycoon, early Blizzard titles, and Pokemon.