Interview: Justin Cuff (The Meridian Shard RPG)

JustinCuff-Working on The Meridian Shard

As quoted from the Kickstarter page, The Meridian Shard RPG is “a satirical adventure RPG with unforgettable characters steeped in a supernatural tale of courage, sacrifice, secrets, and shenanigans.”

The Meridian Shard is obviously inspired by some classic games that you’ve stumbled across in your life. Are there any in particular that helped drive the creation of this RPG?

Absolutely. I think it’s impossible to create anything ‘new,’ as we will always be influenced by some past experience(s). For me it all began with the early Ultima series on C64 and then the lighter, but charmingly addictive grinder, Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the West) on NES. Continue reading “Interview: Justin Cuff (The Meridian Shard RPG)”