The Dpad Press Show – Episode 1 – Do Trophievements Matter?

Welcome to episode one of The Dpad Press Show! A thought-provoking video game talk show released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On it, three friends bring a topic to the table and discuss it until the mana runs dry. We all have different, personal experiences within the gaming industry that have translated into an intimate, funny, and often times divisive relationship with each other. Watch out for Gamebraham, he’ll be creating the divide.

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Interview With Cade Peterson: Tips On Getting Into The Game Industry

Many people are becoming enthralled in whatever games they are playing. It would seem that there is a game out there for every type of person in today’s time, and if that statement isn’t true, than it soon will be. The industry is booming because games are applicable to so many different mind-sets and can influence people in unique and innovative ways. The Nintendo Wii is proof of the expansion of audience relating to games. My grandmother has even considered buying a console so that she can enjoy the game time with grandkids as they come over.

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