The Dpad Press Show Episode 9: We Wish We Could Go Back

Nate talking about The Last of Us: “Every minute of that game stuck with me. There’s not one part of that game I don’t remember vividly.”

Acquiring muscle memory in some games is a huge part of the nostalgia says Jake.

Knowing that certain games are special, Levi does a media blackout before those releases as to not spoil any of the experience.

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The Dpad Press Show Episode 6 : Beware the Microtransaction

Nate has concerns regarding microtransactions in the new era of console gaming. Middle Earth: Shadow of War serves as an example as we all discuss the pro’s and con’s of the new ways games are grabbing our money.
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The Dpad Press Show – Episode 2: Pokemon Deserves Better

Pokemon is coming to Switch, and I (Jake) am nervous about what it will be. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the Game Freak Pokemon titles, and I’m worried that the game won’t be properly adapted into the new era. Nate offers some great insight with his Zelda comparisons and we all agreed that if Pokemon could leap forward like Breath of the Wild did, the fans would be happy. I’m not predicting that to happen, however.

Oh, and it’s not cool to hit your friends in the nuts.

The Dpad Press Show – Episode 1 – Do Trophievements Matter?

Welcome to episode one of The Dpad Press Show! A thought-provoking video game talk show released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On it, three friends bring a topic to the table and discuss it until the mana runs dry. We all have different, personal experiences within the gaming industry that have translated into an intimate, funny, and often times divisive relationship with each other. Watch out for Gamebraham, he’ll be creating the divide.

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